Who are we?
Sfax International is a widely interconnected association of important local experts from the world of business and science fields. For each of your concerns, we will find the right contact person and can help you in a targeted manner. Many clusters also facilitate optimal exchange within the same sector. Sfax International brings together important local experts from the world of business and science - through its versatile expertise and its Networks, Sfax International offers a one-stop shop to its target groups, such as, international companies and investors, but also startups and national universities.
The Founders
THE ALLIANCE SFAX INTERNATIONAL is composed of a network of representatives of key institutions in the economic development of the region of Sfax, to work on the internationalization of the region by mobilizing collective efforts in order to enhance the strengths of Sfax Region in the fields of economics, innovation and research and regional specialties. est composée d’un réseau de représentants des institutions-clés dans le développement économique de la Région de Sfax, pour travailler sur l’internationalisation de la région en mobilisant les efforts collectifs afin de valoriser les atouts de la Région de Sfax dans les domaines économiques, de l’innovation et la recherche et des spécialités régionales.
  • Improving the positioning of the Sfax region at the international level through the affirmation of the region's identity: towards a "region of innovation and economic excellence".
  • The attraction of foreign capital, by helping foreign companies to settle in the region while providing additional support to foreign companies wishing to invest.
  • Assistance to foreign companies (in the creation and operation phases) in administrative procedures by providing them with all the necessary legal and regulatory documentation, as well as by facilitating contact with the various administrations involved in the creation and operation of innovative projects.
  • The definition of a strategic vision to promote the region internationally
  • Promoting economic development, particularly in the Innovation and New Technologies sectors through territorial marketing in the region of Sfax.
  • Consolidation, strengthening and animation of the ecosystem of the region of Sfax.
  • The opening of foreign markets to companies in the Sfax region and the introduction of Sfax to the whole world as an ideal site for industry, commerce and science in order to attract international firms.
  • Promoting cooperation between companies and science.
  • Reinforcement of the strengths of Sfax region: industries, agriculture and agri-food, higher education pole (public and private), etc.
  • Encouraging research and projects in the fields of renewable energy, energy management and new technologies (Sfax: region of innovation).
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